Who is Nicolo Studio?

Founder and principal, Jane Nicolo, is at the heart of Nicolo Studio–but she does not work alone. Collaboration is a part of every project, so Nicolo Studio has an arsenal of qualified creative partners we work with, when a project calls for it. Whether photography, illustrating, copywriting, or printing is needed, we will assemble the right team to get the job done.

Our Story

With decades of experience on our side, Nicolo Studio has been involved in a cornucopia of creative projects, including branding businesses and events, product ideation for the gift market, designing for weddings, greeting card design, designing books and packaging, hand-painting signs for record stores, and hand-lettering restaurant menus. One thing never changes: our work is always fresh and interesting.

Our Approach

Our philosophy is simple. Design has to be firmly rooted in a strong and clever concept. When designs are built on steadfast foundations, businesses, products, and events are unstoppable!

Next Steps…

No risk, no reward. No pain, no gain. No guts, no glory. Get the picture? Contact Nicolo Studio to set up a consultation to see how we can help.

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